New Major Android Bug

If you use an Android phone, beware a new bug that has been discovered – your phone can be used to rack up charges even when you think it is turned off.  The suggestion from the security firm that discovered the bug is to simply remove the battery when you switch off the phone (assuming your phone is one of the vanishing breed with a removable battery).

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Joy of Family

I had a great time up in Virginia – stops in Richmond, Madison (about 30 miles north of Charlottesville), Lexington, Charlottesville, and Richmond again – all in two days!

It was wonderful to see my Mom, her brother, her other brother’s widow, and her sister’s widower. They are a fantastic group, and unfortunately won’t be around for too much longer. I’m very fortunate to have gotten to spend time with them all – and with my own sister and brother, too.

It got me thinking about how that group of siblings and sibling-spouses are each fantastic people, and yet how different they are from one another.  I have been so fortunate to have known then all, and learned from them all, in my life.  And I do so miss the two siblings who are now gone.

Then I realized that the same can be said for my own siblings – I love them all, but we are very different from one another.  I love that my daughters have the opportunity to learn from, love, and be loved by such a diverse group as my siblings and my wife’s siblings.

Aren’t families wonderful?

Mockingbird Sequel to be Published July 14

I have long considered To Kill a Mockingbird to be the greatest American novel ever published.  Thus, today’s story in the New York Times is very dear to me.

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Measuring the Seasons

We all have our own way of tracking time as it passes.  For example, I have never really thought of January 1 as the beginning of a new year.  The beginning of a new year should be a time of rebirth – when all things are possible.  So, I consider the beginning of each year as Opening Day of baseball season – which was much easier to do back before MLB starting having “regular season” games played in Asia or in Europe during the final week of Spring Training.

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Tax Cut without Cutting Taxes

The Washington Post recently ran a story about how much less Americans are paying for gas today then we were a year ago – $2.4 billion less!  The lower price of gasoline has resulted in Americans having an extra $2.4 billion in their pockets to spend on other things that would otherwise have been spent purchasing gas.  Thus, the drop in oil prices has produced an economic stimulus similar to a $2.4 billion tax cut, but better.

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Falling for Life

I have wanted to try skydiving as long as I can remember.  I just love the idea of being in the air – just me, no airplane, no balloon, no anything – falling through the sky.  I imagine that it is as close to being like a bird as a human can get.  But I have never thought about it as a way to avoid death.  Then, I read an article in the Washington Post last week.

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A Day with Apple Pay

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Apple Pay?  Anytime I have the option of completing a purchase using the simply phone method, I use it.  I have even bought some things that I would otherwise not buy just to buy using Apple Pay (not a very sound financial policy).

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