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Tech Need Not Be Anti-Democratic

Today, the Wall Street Journal published a long article about how Tech companies are working to fight off activist investors.  The article is here.  The most popular tactics – undercutting shareholder democracy by granting founders stock with super-rights – are being promoted by luminaries such as VC investor Marc Andreessen, who said in April

Public companies are being basically forced by pressure from activists and their investors to give back huge amounts of cash instead of investing it in their business

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That’s Using Your Brain!

My younger daughter is very interested in both medicine and robotics.  So she and I were both very interested in a segment on the PBS NewsHour a few weeks ago about advances being made at Johns Hopkins University in developing a new generation in prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by the user’s mind.

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New Major Android Bug

If you use an Android phone, beware a new bug that has been discovered – your phone can be used to rack up charges even when you think it is turned off.  The suggestion from the security firm that discovered the bug is to simply remove the battery when you switch off the phone (assuming your phone is one of the vanishing breed with a removable battery).

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A Day with Apple Pay

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Apple Pay?  Anytime I have the option of completing a purchase using the simply phone method, I use it.  I have even bought some things that I would otherwise not buy just to buy using Apple Pay (not a very sound financial policy).

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Where the Smart Girls Are

I am the father of two girls.  I am also the graduate of a college that only educated men when I attended it.  Having seen first-hand the issues associated with a campus on which high levels of testosterone were missing the moderating influence of women, I was not especially in favor of the idea when each of my daughters announced that she wanted to attend a single-sex school for middle and high schools.

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What is a Smartphone?

The majority of us now carry a smartphone with us wherever we go – for me, it is an iPhone, but many others carry an Android phone while a very few carry a Windows Phone, a Blackberry or some brand with even smaller market share. But why have these devices become so prevalent in such a short time?

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Shooting the Messenger

No one likes bad press.  Sooner or later, pretty much everyone who has been pilloried in the press has blamed the press for the situation, rather than taking a hard look at whether his or her actions warranted such coverage.  And it often must seem much easier to “go on the offensive” by attacking the press coverage than it would be to change bad behavior that has come to light.  In other words, why not just shoot the messenger?

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