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Learning abut Grace and Gratitude

This week, I have been posting several articles about former president Jimmy Carter’s announcement of his cancer, that the cancer has already spread to his brain, and reaction of the public to those announcements. Clearly, prognosis is not good – but even in this situation, President Carter seems able to teach us a great deal about grace and living with gratitude.

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Jimmy Carter (nonpolitical) Campaign Signs

This week, I am posting several articles about former president Jimmy Carter, his cancer announcement, and the reaction of the public to that situation.  Today’s article is about a beautiful step taken by several people down in Georgia – printing and posting yard signs similar to the political yard signs used by everyone running for office, from running for city council to running for president.  The signs simply read “Jimmy Carter for Cancer Survivor.”

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Even in Cancer Diagnosis, Jimmy Carter Shows Leadership

I’ll say the obvious right up front:  I have been very impressed with Jimmy Carter as a former president.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that he is probably the most effective former president that the US has ever had.  Through his work with the Carter Center to fight disease and to promote democracy, he has accomplished much for the world rather than simply sitting on boards of directors and becoming wealthy.

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