Best Weekend of the Year

The first weekend in April – or occasionally the last weekend in March – is the best weekend of the entire year.  In most places, winter is finally over.  Spring is finally established with its new growth and new life.  But all of those weather-related items could apply to many weeks and weekends as Winter ends and Spring begins.  This particular weekend is different.  It is SPECIAL.

Winter is basketball, and basketball ends each year with the NCAA tournement throughout March, culminating with the Final Four Weekend.  This weekend, the Final Four Weekend, is the end of Winter.  Spring and Summer are baseball, and in a wonderful transition, Baseball’s Opening Day each year has become the Sunday between the Final Four’s semifinal games on Saturday and the championship game on Sunday.

It is a wonderful, weekend-long spectacle of sport as basketball ends and baseball begins.  A passing of the torch from the sport that has winnowed down its hundreds of schools to four, then two, then just one to the sport in which every team has a new blank page and an equal chance for greatness.

One of the many reasons that I love baseball is how its long season is similar to life – success is achieved not with moments of greatness but by doing the right things over and over, day after day for many, many days.  As the season simulates a life, opening day simulates the moment of birth – when all things are possible and no one need fear limitations.  What baseball most requires is that its players take that new life of a new season and use it – build something great with the opportunity.

And this year is a rare year on which baseball’s opening day falls on Easter – the two annual days of symbolic rebirth coinciding.

Today is a very special day.

This is a very special weekend.

Goodbye to Winter (and here’s hoping that Duke wins on Monday).  Hello to Spring and Summer.

Hello to a new life.

Let’s all build something special with our new lives.


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