Joy of Family

I had a great time up in Virginia – stops in Richmond, Madison (about 30 miles north of Charlottesville), Lexington, Charlottesville, and Richmond again – all in two days!

It was wonderful to see my Mom, her brother, her other brother’s widow, and her sister’s widower. They are a fantastic group, and unfortunately won’t be around for too much longer. I’m very fortunate to have gotten to spend time with them all – and with my own sister and brother, too.

It got me thinking about how that group of siblings and sibling-spouses are each fantastic people, and yet how different they are from one another.  I have been so fortunate to have known then all, and learned from them all, in my life.  And I do so miss the two siblings who are now gone.

Then I realized that the same can be said for my own siblings – I love them all, but we are very different from one another.  I love that my daughters have the opportunity to learn from, love, and be loved by such a diverse group as my siblings and my wife’s siblings.

Aren’t families wonderful?



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