Measuring the Seasons

We all have our own way of tracking time as it passes.  For example, I have never really thought of January 1 as the beginning of a new year.  The beginning of a new year should be a time of rebirth – when all things are possible.  So, I consider the beginning of each year as Opening Day of baseball season – which was much easier to do back before MLB starting having “regular season” games played in Asia or in Europe during the final week of Spring Training.

On opening day, every team has an equal chance at success, and every player has the same number of hits, runs, errors, etc.  It is the time for great dreams, great hopes, great expectations.  It is the perfect “new beginning” in the sporting world.

For the same reason, I always treasure the day on which i see the first daffodil blooming each year.  The daffodil is a great harbinger of the earth coming back to life after the sleep of winter.  I consider it to be a wonderful symbol each year that life does win over death.  Today was that day for 2015.  The first daffodil.  A new beginning.

Today is a day for great dreams.  Today is a day for great hopes.  Today is a day for great expectations.



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