What Goes Around

When my daughters were four and two years old, I started reading The Hobbit with them each night.  At first, I would read them just a paragraph each evening before they went to bed.  Later, their attention spans (and appetites for the story) grew and I’d read a chapter or more.  By the time we reached the end of the book, my older daughter and I were trading reading each page and the younger daughter was taking turns reading bits, too.  I treasured those nights then, and I treasure the memory now.

Today, I watched the final installment of the movie version of The Hobbit with my daughters.  Even with all of the intervening years, it remains an interest that we share – a story that links us.

As a young father, I knew that reading to and with my children would help in their development, aid their learning to read, and lead to a love of reading.  Plus, I simply loved sharing wonderful stories with them – and I believe that the stories of JRR Tolkien are among the best.

What I did not realize at the time was the greatest benefit of those nightly reading sessions: the bond between parent and child that lasts a lifetime.



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