World Series Week!

Welcome to a wonderful week: World Series Week.  During this week, my world typically narrows to following the two teams that have survived to the final games and a general celebration of baseball.  Even after living on the west coast since 1986, I still have trouble with these games starting at 5:00 in the afternoon, so they are neither afternoon games nor night games.  They are simply TV games, showing how our culture has bent to the pressure of advertising.

Tonight’s game one started with the traditional meal of hot dogs and potato chips.  This year, my two favorite teams both made it into the playoffs but they both fell by the wayside during the playoffs, leaving the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants.  Madison Bumgarner, the Giant pitcher, was masterful and the Giants took game one by a 7-1 score in Kansas City.  Tomorrow will be another game in KC, and then the Series moves to San Francisco.

Whether you love baseball or not (and I encourage you to love baseball), I hope you get an opportunity to watch these two teams.  They both are highly skilled at identifying opportunities, seizing the moment when an opportunity arises, and achieving more than “experts” believe is possible.

What wonderful role models for life in general.



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