Update on Apple Pay & Walgreens

I recently wrote about a leaked memo that said Apple Pay would be coming to Walgreens this Saturday.  I was at Walgreens picking up some things today.  As I paid, I casually asked the cashier if she had received her Apple Pay training yet.

“Is that some new form of health insurance?”  she asked – clearly clueless about what Apple Pay is.  I explained that no, it was a new payment system using iPhones that would be similar to running a credit card for the store, but much more secure.

“That sounds like the Google system that we have,” she responded, “nobody ever uses that.”

I told her that there had been some news reports that Walgreens would have Apple Pay in all of its stores by Saturday.  She said that she had not heard anything about it.

So, does this mean that Walgreens will not be implementing Apple Pay on Saturday after all, they have not started training yet, or I happened to ask one clerk who has not been trained?

Time will tell, and I expect that Apple will have more to say about Apple Pay at its event tomorrow at 10:00 am Pacific Time.


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