Apple Pay Reported to be Live at Walgreens This Week

As I have written a few times, the iPhone 6 is the first iPhone that I have purchased that didn’t “wow” me from the first moment I got it.  I still find it to be larger than I want, but I am getting more comfortable with it.  But the feature that compelled me to get this phone  was Apple Pay.  I believe that Apple Pay will change our definition of money.  I think it is likely to revolutionize how we purchase things, at least in the US and the developed world.  I’m not sure about the developing world, but that is a different post for a different day.  In any event, Apple Pay will, I believe, have a large impact on the lives of everyone reading a blog on the internet.  And it is a step closer today.

Over the weekend, an internal Walgreens memo surfaced on the internet.  Assuming the memo is authentic (always a risky assumption on the internet), Walgreens will be going live with support of Apple Pay this coming Saturday, October 18.  Apple Pay is the secure payment system using iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (and using the Apple Watch when it becomes available next year).  According to demonstrations by Apple, payments will be as simple as waving a phone near a reader and confirming the payment with a fingerprint.

Here is the memo, as shown on the MacRumors web site:


The whole story is here:  [Link].

I know that I will be going down to my local Walgreens to buy something on Saturday – simply to see if it works as simply as it is supposed to work.



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