The Yellow Brick Road

This evening, my wife, my younger daughter, two friends and I all went to see Elton John perform in San Jose.  That man is very talented, and – at 67 years of age – works very hard in a concert.  We were treated to a solid 2 ½ hours of Elton, with him playing his heart out on the piano on every song.  This year is the 40th anniversary of the release of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album, so he started the concert off by performing each song on the first side of that four-side album.  His voice no longer has the range that he had in his twenties, but he has adjusted how to play those old hits.  It is very interesting to hear him sing them live with my ears, and at the same time hear the original version in my brain.


Of the five band members backing Elton, one (the drummer) is a member of the original Elton John band and another (lead guitar) has been a part of the band for 43 years.  I love that they have stayed together that long.


When the band played “Candle in the Wind”, we were treated to a new use of the iPhone’s  flashlight feature – or at least it was new to me.


And the final encore turned out to be my older daughter’s favorite Elton John song, and the song that Elton introduced as having been “discovered” by his children, which he said was ok with him, since he wrote it:  “The Circle of Life”.  I’m sure that my daughter would have loved to be with us to see the entire show, but especially that song.





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