New Month, New Beginnings

Welcome to October – a new month.  I love the fact that we get a “fresh start” twelve times each year.  Today is a day of beginnings.  The biggest one for me is that today I am starting the year after my year with cancer.  It was early in October 2013 that I got my initial diagnosis, so early October marks the end of that year and beginning of a new, different one.

Another new beginning popped up today.  My younger daughter, who is a junior in high school, is beginning to seriously think about college.  Over the summer she worked very hard reviewing material and getting ready to take the college entrance exam – in her case the ACT.  She took the test in September, and received her scores for the multiple choice sections this morning.  Perfect is 36, her score is 35.  In other words, my daughter is very nearly perfect!  Her mother and I are very proud – not just of the great score, but of the work ethic she showed over several months to prepare for the test.

As a father, I am loving seeing the little girl maturing into a woman and preparing for an independent life.  I’m also not looking forward at all to having her leave home in fewer than two years.


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