Marching to a Special Drummer

My oldest daughter started college a little less than a month ago, and seems to be settling into her new life very well.  Like any new freshman, she is facing a whole new world in academics, in personal freedoms, in living situation, etc.  And something new for my daughter – joining the marching band at her University as a drummer.  This really is a personal challenge for her because she has never played the drums before this year;  she has many years of musical instruction and performance (all on piano), but no drumming.

Since my daughter is attending college on the east coast and the family is on the west coast, we had no expectations of seeing her and the rest of the band play.  But we have been watching the home football games (thanks to ESPN for streaming so many games on the internet!) hoping to get a glimpse of the band as the camera pans across the stadium.  I love college football, but I generally only watch games when I have a connection to the team or game and thus care about the outcome.  In this situation, my only connection is to my daughter and the band – the football team is superfluous.

Today was a home game (so the band was playing) so I watched and was rewarded with two views of the band – including one in which the camera panned across the drum line (so I got to enjoy a closeup of my girl!).  But tonight was the best of all – a parent of one of the band members went to today’s game, videoed the halftime show, and put it on YouTube.  So my wife, my younger daughter and I got to watch the entire halftime show that my older daughter has been working hard to perfect.

To say that I am proud would be an understatement.


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One response to “Marching to a Special Drummer”

  1. Art Mashburn says :

    At least a bass drum is easier to carry than a piano!!

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