The Best Friends are Long-Time Friends

The local power company was working on the lines in our area today, so we had no power.  Rather than sit in the dark, my wife and I jumped in the car and drove about an hour to a nearby beach town, where we met up with a dear long-time friend for lunch.  She and my wife worked for the same company about a dozen years ago, and she has worked for several of Silicon Valley’s best-known companies since then as a superstar software designer.  Now, she chooses projects that excite her, but clearly the top priority is being a great mom.

With good food, excellent company, and great conversation, the lunch stretched for over two hours.  There was some reminiscing, but even more conversation about how each of us have dealt with what life has thrown our day – both fulfilling events and challenges – in the past several years.

Then, this afternoon, our friend sent a great email which eloquently stated what I was feeling:

Thank you so much for lunch and the absolutely wonderful time catching up.  That’s what’s so great about really good friends.  You can go for months and even years without seeing each other, and then like that, we meet and pick up where we left off.

Long-time dear friends fit into our lives.  No matter what has happened or how much time as elapsed, they just fit.

We are very lucky to have many, many deal long-time friends.



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