More Shaking – Close By This Time

Last week, we had an earthquake centered in Napa – about 75 miles away from my home.  It felt like a gentle shaking of the bed here (enough to wake me up and know that it was an earthquake, not enough to get out of bed).  Tonight, we had another earthquake.  I was sitting in an armchair in the family room, reading, when my chair shook as if someone had kicked it.  A friend in the neighborhood was quickly in touch with my wife (who felt cheated because she didn’t feel anything).

I checked the US Geological Service web site, and sure enough – a quake, but the epicenter for this one was only about three miles from my home, and very close to the Stanford Campus.  Luckily, it was only a 2.9 magnitude, or we’d have seen a major damage in the area.  This was really dodging a bullet.



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One response to “More Shaking – Close By This Time”

  1. John Burnette says :

    According to that website you mentioned, there were 37,794 earthquakes in the past year (M1.5 or higher). I had no idea there were that many.

    I’ve a feeling that if you weren’t sitting pretty much directly on top of that 2.5 magnitude quake you’d never feel it. And you know what they say, the best way to avoid a big earthquake is to have lots of little ones…..

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