Lost an old Friend

As I was getting ready to go to bed this evening, I quickly checked my emails and then facebook.  The top story in my news feed stunned me.  An old friend, a co-worker at the Mutual Broadcasting System back in the late 70s, had died from cancer today.

Back when we knew one another, we were just kids, along with most of the people with whom we worked.  This was after I had dropped out of college and before going back to finish, so I had been working for a few years, but most of our group were in their first job after college and trying to figure out how to do things in the “real” world.

As I remember her, Beth was one of those people who we all enjoy being around – quick with a smile or a joke and very very good at what she did.  The type of person who makes co-workers look forward to interactions rather than dread them.

I’ve been reading the several hundred comments to the post from her husband sharing the sad news – in the 25 years or so since I knew her, Beth clearly touched many, many lives.  I recognize the person that they all describe as the same person I knew those many years ago.

According to the post by her husband, Beth just learned that she had cancer 12 days ago and died of a massive infection today.

This hits especially hard, or course, because of my own cancer fight over the past year.  I’m fond of telling people how lucky I am that I contracted cancer now rather than when I was a kid – back when a diagnosis of cancer was essentially a death sentence.  Unfortunately, for some it still is.

My heart goes out to Beth’s husband and all of her friends who are missing her, and will continue to miss her.


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