Unicorns Do Exist!

Yesterday, I wrote Stolen Phones and Unicorns about how my daughter was dealing with having had her phone stolen.  Stolen Phones were obvious.  Unicorns were mythical beings – phones that are stolen and actually return home.  Today, the continuation of the story: Unicorns do exist!

I had found an old iPhone 4 in a drawer at home, taken it to AT&T to have a new SIM installed that registered the iPhone 4 with my daughter’s phone number, and sent it off to her on the east coast via overnight delivery.  I also used Apple’s system to mark her iPhone 5 as lost, which locks it and makes it harder for a thief to do anything with the stolen phone.

Today, my daughter got the iPhone 4 and immediately called to let me know it had arrived.  Just a few minutes later, she called again.  Someone had come to her dorm room and delivered her iPhone 5, saying that he had found it in the laundry room of another dorm (one that my daughter has never visited).  Unicorns do exist!

My daughter had not been able to track her phone because someone had turned off its power – which is how we knew that it had been stolen, not simply lost.  After all, we could not think of any reasonable reason why anyone would go to the trouble of switching off the power other than to keep Apple’s “Find my iPhone” system from working.

Apparently, the thief tried to turn on the phone sometime last night and saw the lock screen: “This phone is lost and locked.  Please call …”  The power immediately was turned off again and at some point someone placed it in the laundry room of that other dorm, where it was found today by the good samaritan who carried it over to my daughter’s dorm room.

So now my daughter has her iPhone 5 (but its SIM has been deactivated) and the old iPhone 4, which works. If both phones used the same size SIM, she would be able to simply remove the SIM from the iPhone 4 and place it in the iPhone 5.  But they do not use the same size SIM.  The iPhone 4 uses a mini-SIM and the iPhone 5 uses a micro-SIM.  She needs to take the iPhone 5 to an AT&T store and essentially do what I did yesterday: get a new SIM (for the iPhone 5) that will register it as having her phone number.

This is a particularly busy time for my daughter – she is in the marching band at her college and their first football game is tomorrow – but she should be able to get to the AT&T store at least by Sunday.

So, a great end to the story.

Thank goodness for good samaritans!

Thank goodness for Unicorns!


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2 responses to “Unicorns Do Exist!”

  1. John Burnette says :

    And we learned that at least one Duke student is a thief. Grrrrrrrr

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