Yosemite Update

I have been testing Apple’s new Mac OS for about a month now.  I wrote about it when I originally downloaded it back in July.  Today, I am getting a new update.  I’ve been very impressed with the stability of the first beta – no crashes at all in almost a month of use – and I hope that the quality of the code continues to be high.

Included in the new beta of the OS is the beta of a new version of Apple’s iTunes software. This software has needed an overhaul for quite a while, so I hope that the engine has been revised, not just the user interface. My family is a “power user” of iTunes, as it not only powers the music throughout the house, but also feeds movies and TV shows to all of our TV sets.

We record TV shows with out TiVo and then copy them over to the iTunes Server for playback via AppleTV. We have needed to reboot the iTunes Server about once each week due to memory leaks.  So, I am very hopeful that iTunes has received some attention to its engine, not just the user interface.  I’m looking forward to testing it in the coming weeks.


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