Mobile Phone Spying

The Gamma Group is one of the world’s most prominent surveillance companies.  Last week, an anonymous leaker shared with the internet Gamma Group, spilled onto the Internet details about Gamma’s spy tools.  But perhaps the most surprising revelation is about something the company struggles to do: It can’t easily hack into a typical iPhone.  Android phones are easy – it is almost as if Google designed the platform to track everything a phone owner is doing and saying.  Even Windows phones and Blackberry phones often bend to Gamma’s wish to turn them into spy tools.  But not iPhones – as long as the owner has not short-circuited the security system by jailbreaking the phone.

According to the Washington Post today, the result is a “security gap” between the wealthy and the poor.  The wealthy can afford the protections in the iPhone (and they already tend to purchase the more expensive iPhone).  The poor tend to choose android phones, and have few or no protections from spying through their own phones.

I don’t think that there is anything interesting enough about me to make anyone want to spy on me, but I’m glad I carry an iPhone.


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