Which is the Real Lucy?

I went to see the movie Lucy today.   I’d wanted to see it since seeing a trailer several months ago, but the poor reviews since the film opened a few weeks ago had worried me.  The movie I saw was definitely not what I was expecting based on the trailer, but neither was it the anemic movie that the reviews had led me to expect.

To my great surprise, Lucy is a movie designed to make its audience think.  This is unusual for an American movie, especially a summer release.  Summer releases are usually action-packed blockbusters, full of noise and special effects.  A great example is Guardians of the Galaxy, which has a feel-good soundtrack, lots of action, wisecracks, and requires absolutely no thinking.  It has rave reviews.

Lucy dares to delve into the meaning of life – both for an individual and for our entire species.  For it, the purpose of life is to pass knowledge on to others, which I think is quite a good purpose.  It also touches on religion – after all, a character amasses all knowledge (becomes omniscient) and is everywhere.  What can that character be other than God?

I think most people are uncomfortable thinking about such subjects – thus the poor reviews for Lucy.

So, which is the real Lucy?  The deep movie that I enjoyed today, or the weak attempt at a blockbuster described by the reviewers?  I hope people go see it, but go ready to think, not just to be entertained while eating popcorn.


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