Most of the time, I try to eat food that is healthy and good for me.  But sometimes, I do love food that simply tastes good without much value.  A food like popcorn.  So I love that the movie industry calls a movie without a great deal of depth, a movie that is simply lots of fun to watch, a “popcorn” movie.  Today, I vastly enjoyed a “popcorn” movie.

I’d seen trailers of Guardians of the Galaxy and pretty much written it off as a silly movie to entertain kids during summer vacation.  But my younger daughter really wanted to see it, and this morning I saw some reviews raving about it.  So this afternoon the entire family went to the local theater and saw the movie.  What fun.  Yes, it was silly.  Yes, it did entertain plenty of kids.  But it was also very cleverly written and contained a seamless mixture of live action and animation.  I found myself agreeing with the Wall Street Journal‘s reviewer, who described the movie as being close to a perfect summer blockbuster.

We also had dinner at the theater – popcorn.


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