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Inertia can be very helpful – get a good habit started and it keeps itself going.  But it can also be a royal pain.  In April and May, I was making good progress turning my Daily Cancer Journal into a book.  Then I set it aside as my daughter graduated from high school and the family vacationed in Spain and Morocco.  Even though I have been back home for about three weeks, I have not yet gotten back to working on the book every day.  It is time for that to change!

The concept is to take my daily Journal writings and put them into context – writing about what treatments I was getting, why I was getting them, what I felt like, etc.  I am hopeful that I can help someone who has to go through in the future what I went through last winter by letting them know what to expect and especially that things will get better.

I don’t know how long the book will take, but I enjoyed writing my last book and I am confident that I will enjoy this one, too.


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2 responses to “Back to Writing”

  1. John Burnette says :

    Two very different types of writing, and I’m not at all sure that you’ll find it satisfying enough to sustain you to the end of the project. After all, life is short, are you sure you want to dwell on something best left to your past?

    I’d say if you have the energy to explore a radically different type of writing, explore the medium of scriptwriting. I think your first book would be an awesome feature film, I’m probably not the only one who thinks so.

    That said, your cancer blog has been eye-opening to me and helped me keep focused on what’s truly important in this life. If you managed to craft it into a book, I’m sure I’d read it.

    • Graham Burnette says :

      You’re right – they are two very different types of writing. Living Color was very easy to write. It was almost stream of consciousness to tell that story. The cancer book is harder to write, in part because it forces me to relive last winter and in part because it is a much meatier subject.

      It is also more important. Whether or not the world has one more fictional story to help people pass the time really does not matter. But if one or two cancer patients can hear from someone who has already experienced what they are about to go through, it might make their time a little easier. At least they can know that things have a good chance of getting much better faster than they can imagine.

      If I do a good job with this book, it can help some lives. So I need to write it.

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