Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon introduced a new service today – Kindle Unlimited.  For $9.99 a month, subscribers get unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks on their Kindle reader.  I read a lot of books, and I am reading more and more of them in electronic format.  And most of the eBooks that I read, I read in the kindle app on my iPad.  So at first, I thought that this service was perfect for me.  Then I thought some more.

Most eBooks on Amazon cost about $10, so anyone buying more than one book a month would seem to be better off the the new unlimited service than buying individual books.  But Amazon is only making a few hundred thousand titles available under the unlimited service – as compared to the millions of eBooks available on Amazon.  I doubt that any books published by Hatchette are available on Amazon Unlimited.

I read several books a month, but I don’t generally buy them on Amazon.  I’ve learned that my local library has a large, and growing, collection of eBooks that are available via the library’s web site.  Just like with physical books in the library, I browse the virtual shelves and check out the books I choose to read.  Just like with physical books, if the copy is already checked out by someone else, I have to wait for it to be checked back in before I can get it (and I can place a hold for any books that I want to read that are currently checked out – just like with physical books).

On my recent trip to Spain and Morocco, I didn’t carry any physical books – only library eBooks.  I took five – with no increase in weight at all and completely free because they were all library books.

I love having access to a huge collection of books that is searchable online.  I don’t see why I would pay $9.99 every month for that access when I get it for free as a member of my local public library.


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2 responses to “Kindle Unlimited?”

  1. John Burnette says :

    Is your novel one of the 600,000?

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