Why is there no News Coverage of Google Phone Spam?

For the pst several years, I have been getting phone spam trying to get me to purchase internet advertisements on Google.  It is always the same recorded voice robocall:  “Hi, it’s Sarah calling to tell you about the great way to build your business with Google . . .”  So far, I have logged eleven different phone numbers that have called my mobile phone with that recording.  I understand why Google spams me – they are trying to sell ads.

What I don’t understand is why no news organization is writing about the fact that Google uses phone spam to build their business?  This is the same organization that very publicly has a team whose job it is to fight web spam.  They also have built a sophisticated tool into their Google Voice product to identify and filter out phone spam – while that very same phone spam is being used to promote Google’s business.  Why is this not a news story?


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