Just Like a Barber Shop

I had a coach when I was in high school who had a particular phrase he loved to repeat.  Our drills often had two people compete directly against one another, with the winner of the competition taking on the next challenger, and the next, until someone was able to beat him.  Then that new winner would take on challengers.  The coach would watch the head-to-head competition and, when one had bested the other, yell at the top of his lungs “Next!  Just like a barber shop.”  He was making the point that there was no time to celebrate a victory or to rest – there was always the next competition requiring attention.

I was thinking about that coach today as I completed teaching my class in Venture Capital Law.  All the effort preparing for the class, then the three intensive days in the classroom.  I feel proud of the end product, and very much enjoyed the applause from the students when the final hour came to an end.  But I could not stop and enjoy the moment – my family leaves for Spain and Morocco in just two days, and there is still packing and last-minute planning to do before we go – not to mention paying all the household bills that will come due while we are gone.

From one intensive activity to another – just like a barber shop.


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