A Very Busy Week

As I wrote yesterday, I am teaching a version of my Venture Capital Law class this week.  The first session was today – all about how to create a VC fund, how to raise money for it, and the securities law issues involved.  Tomorrow will be finding investments and conducting due diligence.  Wednesday will be all about making the investments, building companies, and getting profits.

My students this summer are already graduates of law school – working on an advanced legal degree in legal aspects of high technology.  The program is a partnership between the Seoul National University of Korea and Santa Clara University.  The majority of the students are from Korea.

As it happens, the Korean national team plays in the World Cup tomorrow afternoon – so the first order of business today was a request that I shift tomorrow’s class session so the students could watch the game.  We’ll be meeting in the evening rather than the afternoon.

At the same time, my family is getting ready for a two-week trip to Spain and Morocco. Last-minutes reservations, finding the right tours, and packing, packing and more packing.

In addition, representatives from two additional solar power companies are coming tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning to learn enough about our house so they can make a bid for installing photo-voltaic solar cells on the roof.

Then, to top everything off, I have an appointment with my medical oncologist on Thursday to make sure that my recovery from cancer this past winter is still proceeding well.

I’m tired just thinking about it all.  Thank goodness I have a wife with incomparable organizational skills!


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