Back to School

The preparation is all complete, and tomorrow I begin teaching my intensive three-day class in Venture Capital.  Instead of a full semester, I have organized the material into three days – organizing a fund and getting money; finding and making investments; and nurturing companies and getting to exits.  It will be a tiring three days for me and for my students.

The group that I am teaching this time are a little older than the typical law students that I usually teach.  These are already lawyers, and they have decided to go back to school to earn a masters program in technology law.  I’m looking forward to what they can contribute to our discussions based on their experiences in practicing law so far.

Tonight is similar to the last night of summer vacation before going back to school in the fall – knowing somewhat what to expect, not knowing any of the specifics, and looking forward to learning what is to come.

It’s good to be alive.


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