More Power!

I am an unabashed fan of the original Star Trek TV series.  It was one of the few television shows that my family watched on a regular basis and I rarely missed an episode.  I never tired of Kirk pleading for “More Power!” followed by Mr Scott replying that “The engines canna take no mohr.”

That plea for “More Power!” has been running through my brain recently, as I have been meeting with representatives of solar power companies.  We have decided to put photovoltaic cells on the roof of our home and convert some that that wonderful California sunshine into electricity.  We hope that it will reduce our monthly electric bills, but at the very least it will mean that some amount of fossil fuel will NOT be burned to create electricity for us.  That has to be a small win for the planet.

One day at a time, one home at a time.  I do believe that we can all help reduce the negative impact that our modern society has on our planet.  We could go back to being hunter-gatherers and use less power.  Or we can find clean ways to make “More Power!”


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