Here’s to the Educators

Here’s to the educators:  those who give selflessly of their time, their energy, the knowledge, their core selves, to help those younger in their quest to prepare for life.  They teach, they coach, they guide, they explain,  they lead, they push, they cajole, the counsel, they explain, they nurture, they mentor.  We call some teachers, others professors, tutors, administrators, precepts, instructors, lecturers, faculty members, – the titles go on endlessly.  In no case do they earn the value of what they do, for what they to is priceless.

I’ve dealt with many, many educators through my life.  I grew up the son of an educator.  I am the brother of an educator.  I am now an adjunct professor in a law school.  I have been a student every day of my life.  But for the past fifteen years or so, my most important interactions with educators have been as a parent.  My two daughters are fortunate – their teachers have been (with very few exceptions) very talented and dedicated to connecting with each student in whatever way that particular person needed to best learn.

Watching my older daughter graduate from high school this weekend got me thinking about this, and we made sure that she sought out those teachers that have had a special impact on her to tell them how much she appreciated their efforts and their friendship.  Then, again this evening, I watched one of our younger daughter’s teachers coordinate some summer activities with a group of parents, coaching us on how to help our kids get the most out of their opportunity to be in Spain for the coronation of the new king and for the world cup.  On a Sunday evening, these two teachers were ensuring that their students did not simply learn, but enjoyed the process as much as possible and learned as much as possible.

It struck me that teaching is not a job or even a profession like medicine, accounting or the law.  Teaching is most similar to the clergy.

Teaching is a calling.


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