Graduation Ceremonies, Day 2

My older daughter’s high school loves ceremonies and traditions, which is why they stretch graduation (which is a one-day event at almost every other high school in the world) into three days of ceremonies packed with the traditions of the schools 107 year history.  Today was the second of the three days.

Today, we heard speeches from the two faculty members that the graduating class chose as their speakers.  We also enjoyed performances by many members of the graduating class, heard each graduating senior share a favorite quote, and watched a lovely candle ceremony.

The highlights for me were the two faculty speeches.  The two speakers were arguably the two teachers that have had the most impact on my daughter.  One has been her advisor twice and taught her three times.  My daughter and this teacher adore one another, and each claims to be the president of the fan club of the other.

The second speaker taught my daughter in the fall of her freshman year, and his expectations forced her to develop the work ethic that helped her be so successful in high school.  The one-draft essays that earned A’s and A+’s in middle school suddenly were only earning A-‘s for this teacher.  At first, my daughter was frustrated and thought that he simply didn’t like her.  Then, she realized that he knew she could do better and was requiring her to do better.  So she learned how to edit her own work and make it better than it was in the first draft.  That skill – the ability to be her own critic – has served her well and will continue to do so.

These two teachers are great examples of the faculty teaching my daughters.  We are very fortunate to have found this school, for both girls to have been accepted there, and to be able to afford its tuition.


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