My Favorite Season

When my daughters were young, they loved asking me “What is your favorite season?” at all times of the year.  They enjoyed this game because my answer changed with the seasons – whichever was the current season turned out to be my favorite.  I was thinking about this today as I grilled chicken for dinner – when I came to the conclusion that summer is my (current) favorite season.

Now, you might be thinking that summer has not yet started – we still have three weeks of spring – but my “unofficial” seasons are the ones I learned as a very small boy:  Spring is March, April, May; Summer is June, July, August; Autumn is September, October, November; and Winter is December, January, February.  And, of course, summer begins over the Memorial Day weekend and ends over the Labor Day weekend.

A big part of summer for me has always been the summer cook-out, and this is still stuck in my brain even though here in California I am able to cook outside pretty much year-round.  I love cooking outside.  I love the routines I have of preparing, setting out the tools, and cooking.  I love how social cooking is when the family is enjoying a beautiful afternoon.  I love the unique taste of food cooked on the grill.

Other things that make summer wonderful are the hot days, swimming, and those wonderful lazy afternoons reading in the hammock.  And baseball settles down into the portion of the season that seems like it will last forever,

Welcome to summer.  It’s my favorite season, at least until September.


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