The Next Goodbye

My older daughter has been a student at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for about 10 years.  Today, she graduated from their Pre-College Division.  After driving up to San Francisco with her hundreds of times for piano lessons, music theory classes, recitals, and the like, today might well have been our last time in the building.

The SFCM is a wonderful institution, and our being a part of the community of musicians and music lovers associated with it has enriched our lives immensely.  A graduation is a goodbye, and is a transition.  When my daughter heads off to college in August, she will not be majoring in music – but music will always be an important part of her life.  In fact, one of her requirements in looking at colleges was that the dorms have pianos available.  Playing is one of her stress-relief techniques.

Beyond being around the other students and families associated with the Conservatory, I will miss the weekly drives with my daughter.  Way back at the beginning, our timing was such that we almost always heard the NPR Sunday Puzzle in the car as we were driving up to San Francisco each week.  Then, when the Sunday Puzzle became available as a podcast, we made a point of listening to that week’s puzzle together.  It became a father-daughter weekly event for us – one that I will remember and treasure forever.

Without our drives to SF each week, and soon without my daughter in the house, I will lose my weekly puzzle time.  That will leave a large hole that will need filling.


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