Getting Back To It

On October 7, 2013, my life took a sharp turn when I learned that I had cancer.  I was very fortunate – my cancer grew slowly and responded well to treatment.  Over about six months, I had surgery to remove my tumor from the base of my tongue, had chemotherapy and had radiation therapy.  I wrote about the experience in my on-line Daily Cancer journal.

April 25, 2014, was another very important day – in a very good way.  A full-body PET/CT scan showed no cancer anywhere in my body!  With that news, I no longer consider myself a cancer patient, but rather a former cancer patient – I am ready to move on with my life.

I found that writing each day helped me process the experience of fighting cancer.  I enjoyed it, and plan to continue my daily, or near-daily writing.  Before I became sick, I occasionally wrote here at TechStock when a subject interested me, so this is the vehicle that I have chosen to use.  But I do expect that TechStock will be different now, just as I am different now.

I will be writing about resuming my regular daily life here in Silicon Valley, where I was a lawyer, an entrepreneur and a venture capital investor for years before retiring last year.

I’ll try to keep things interesting.



One response to “Getting Back To It”

  1. Desireé Owen says :

    Congratulations on all counts!

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