Government Shutdown Lunacy Reaches Mars

There are many, many examples of the impacts of the government shutdown.  Now, a story of how the shutdown is reaching another planet.  The Curiosity Rover has been put into hibernation for the duration of the shutdown.  So, no matter what your personal politics, I would hope that everyone seeks how stupid it is to spend millions upon millions to build that rover, send it across the solar system to Mars, and then waste a chunk of its useful life because of budget battles in the US government.

See more at Space Industry News: [Link].

Mars Curiosity Rover Hybernating During Government Shut Down

Will the Mars Curiosity Rover be shut down during the Goverment fiasco that’s going on right now? The short and brutally honest answer is YES.

As 97% of NASAs employees have been furloughed thus making it impossible for the mission to continue for the time being.

Curiosity will boot back up and continue it’s mission to Mount Sharp when the United States Government reaches an agreement.

When Congress agrees on a resolution our friendly robot on Mars can continue its scientific advances. Until then, I , along with Reddit will be pretending that Curiosity will be happy entertaining itself until we get our act together.




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