What’s it like to be an ATC?

Nasa-logoThis just in from our friends at NASA-Ames.  They have just released an app for iPhone and Android, allowing each of us to see what it is like to be an Air Traffic Controller, responsible to get planes to the right place safely.  Here is the release from NASA and download links:

Welcome to Sector 33! – A new air traffic control game for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Air Traffic Controller? Imagine it’s a stormy Friday in Northern California as the evening rush of air traffic fast approaches the San Francisco Bay Area from the East. All flights going to San Francisco airport pass through “Sector 33” – your sector of airspace. As the lead air traffic controller, your job is to guide the planes safely through Sector 33 as quickly as possible. To do this, you must choose the most efficient route and make strategic speed changes. Can you handle Sector 33?

The Sector 33 app is:

  • A companion app to the Smart Skies classroom product, LineUp With Math.
  • An air traffic control game designed to interest students in aeronautics-related careers.
  • Designed to connect mathematics and problem solving to the real world.


  • 35 problems featuring two to five airplanes
  • Speed and route controls
  • Weather obstacles
  • Four levels of controller certification
  • In-game introduction, hints, and help section
  • Extra videos


Sector 33 Game Screen Sector 33 Levels and Scores Screen Sector 33 Videos Screen
Game Levels and Scores Videos


The Sector 33 App can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android devices:
› Download Sector 33 for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
› Download Sector for Android devices

Application Support

Please email: arc-dl-mobile@mail.nasa.gov

For more information about NASA’s Smart Skies education program, visit:



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