Where’s My Jetpack?

JetPackFor those of us who grew up during the incredible technology advances of the space race (and watching things like The Jetsons on TV), the phrase “Where’s my jetpack?” expresses our disappointment that the future we are now living in is not exactly the same as the future we imagined.  That phrase is about to be officially retired.

New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft has announced that it plans to begin sales of a working personal jetpack during 2014.  Unfortunately, it will initially only be available to first responders – firefighters, police, military, etc.  The company does say that it intends to sell the jetpacK to the general public at some time in the future.

So, where’s my jetpack?

See the article on the company’s announcement here:  [Jetpack to be available in 2014].

Jetpack to be available in 2014

– SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

I guess this means I need to retire my “Where’s […]

I guess this means I need to retire my “Where’s my jetpack? Where’s my flying car?” T-shirt.

New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft is developing the “first practical jetpack” and has done manned and unmanned flight tests of its latest prototype, Aviation Weekreports.

When completed it will be aimed at first responders (such as fire services), planned to be available in 2014.

You will have to wait a bit longer for a personal JetPack.

Flight control is fly-by-wire (computer-controlled) and there’s a recovery parachute, linked to the engine so it deploys automatically if it malfunctions. The undercarriage and frame is impact-absorbing and there is a flotation device in case of a ditching.

Martin is aiming for a maximum speed of 46 mph, 30km range, and 30 minutes endurance. There is also interest from the military and for uses ranging from border patrol and search-and-rescue to corporate events and “jetpack experience” thrill rides.


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