How to Make Your Virtual Life More Secure

FingerprintReaderToday, Apple’s new iPhone 5s and its fingerprint reader hit the market – with all the improvements in security that this new hardware can lead to.  But what about the millions that will not rush out and buy an iPhone 5s today?  What can we do to make our life in the virtual world more secure?

New technologies will certainly continue trying to keep us secure, even as the criminal element try to break our security.  But in the meantime, here are 6 ways to immediately improve your on-line security (in no particular order).  Each of these improves security on its own, so you don’t need to implement all six suggestions to be more secure – but the more you add, the more secure you will be.  I also include a link below that describes how to start using each suggestion.

  1. Encrypt your email
  2. Encrypt your chats
  3. Use secure backups and file syncing
  4. Anonymize your web traffic
  5. Use better passwords (and a password manager)
  6. Use two-factor authentication

Ready to get more secure?  Go to this article at for simple instructions on how to do each one: [Link]


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