iTunes Music Festival – An Unsung Treasure

iTunes_Festival__1_-_30_September_2013My wife is in London on business this week, and one of her co-workers scored a couple of tickets to attend the iTunes Music Festival.  So, what is this iTunes Music Festival?

Each year in September, Apple shows its love of music by bringing together some of the world’s great musicians and some of the best new artists, rents a venue in London, and provides a month of shows.  This year’s acts include Lady Gaga, Elton John, Robin Thicke, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry.  See the entire run-down at

The tickets are the hottest thing in London, and they are FREE.  Since Apple knows that many more people want to see these acts than win the lottery to get a ticket, every show is streamed live around the world over the Internet and shows are available afterward for streaming.

The show that my wife was lucky enough to attend was Elton John.  She wrote me afterward bubbling “the man is a god – he still can play the piano like nobody else.”  With such a recommendation, I watched a replay of the show last night and was blown away.  No surprise that I was blown away by Elton – I have been a fan since hearing his music back in high school.  What did surprise me at was the quality of the technology.  I watched it on the big-screen TV using our AppleTV.  The high-def stream was as clear or clearer as live network programming.

The streams are available in many ways.  In addition to AppleTV, Apple has released free apps for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and make the streams available via computer on the web.  After my experience last night, I plan to watch everything available – I am sure that I will hear music that I’ve never heard before, and expect to become fans of some of it.


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