Green Glow Extends to Plants

Yesterday, I wrote about glow-in-the-dark rabbits created by researchers at the University of Hawaii and University of Istanbul.  I finished that post with the phrase “I wouldn’t mind a glow-in-the-dark houseplant to replace all the night lights around my house.  ;-)”

As Paul Harvey used to say”Now, the rest of the story.”  The San Jose Mercury News (Silicon Valley’s local newspaper) has now published an article about an entrepreneurial team trying to build my plant night-lights for me.  And I do mean for me.

The team, Stanford-trained geneticists led by Antony Evans, is financed by a Kickstarter project that raised almost a half million dollars from over eight thousand backers – including me.  They are attempting to add the firefly’s ability to glow to an arabidopsis plant.  If the project succeeds, the backers will receive seeds for the glow-in-the-dark plant.  The team’s we site is here:  [Link].

The full Mercury News story is here: [Link].


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