Stunning Moonrise Photo from ISS

The Moon rises surrounded by noctilucent clouds, as seen from the International Space Station.
Credit: NASA/ASI/ESA. Via Luca Parmitano on Twitter.

Most people don’t realize that the ISS includes an observatory.  It is called the Cupola, and includes as many windows as is possible when taking into account structural stability of the Space Station.

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, an accomplished photographer, often spends his off time in the Cupola.  He recently took the photo in this post of a crescent Moon rising among bright blue noctilucent clouds. These wispy and mysterious clouds only appear in Earth’s mesosphere — a region extending from 30 to 53 miles (48-85 km) high in the atmosphere — at twilight, usually in early summer. They can be seen from Earth’s northern hemisphere, and, obviously are visible from space too.

You can read about Parmitano’s photography and see more of the images he took at his Volare blog.  An extended article about the session in which he tool the Moonrise photo is at

The full-size photo is here: [Link].


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