The Peak of Mankind’s Existence

In July 1969 – 44 years ago – mankind reached the pinnacle of its existence.  Since that time, we have been treading water )best case) or backsliding (more likely).

Rather than lament our collective loss of initiative, today a choose to celebrate what we accomplished.  Even more, I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to be alive when a human stepped on another celestial body for the first time.

I am thinking of Apollo 11 because shows the launch as today’s historical space photo of the day (see that photo here).  I went to the NASA web site (here), did a little digging, and found a real gem – 16 mm film taken from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, including footage taken out the window of the LEM on the Moon.

See the 90-minute film here: [Link] or after the jump.

Film taken includes scenes taken out Lunar Module (LM) window documenting lunar surface Extravehicular Activity (EVA) and LM ascent, rendezvous and maneuver for docking during lunar orbit. Also includes views from the Lunar Module (LM) during descent and landing on moon, Neil Armstrong descending to lunar surface, scenes out LM window during ascent and approach with CSM. NASA Identifier: Apollo1116mmOnboardFilm


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One response to “The Peak of Mankind’s Existence”

  1. Betty Newsome says :

    I remember I was on my way to a summer “mini-mester” at Trinity University, when all air traffic stopped and we all stood in the New Orleans airport and watched the touch down on the moon. What a thrill.

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