Android on the Way Out at Google?

Almost two years ago – when Google bought Motorola – I posted that Android was a weight rather than a value to Google  (See that original post here).  On Sunday, AppleInsider weighed in with a long think-piece that reaches a similar conclusion – that Android provides no long-term benefits to Google and will either be spun off or shut down.

Very telling is how Android development has slowed in the past two years since my original post.  From the AppleInsider article:

Perhaps due to fragmentation concerns, Google has also dramatically slowed the pace of new Android development. Google chowed though four … releases in its first year, followed by two years of two major releases, but has spent the entire last year stuck on Jelly Bean.

The next major release, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, was rumored to appear last fall, then earlier this year, and now later this year, a release date slipping further than Chrome OS did back in 2009.

The last minor update of Jelly Bean wasn’t even released in time to show at the company’s IO developer convention this summer, which regularly scheduled more sessions on Chrome than Android every day of the event.

And the conclusion of the piece:  “Google is certain to reaffirm its commitments to Android whenever necessary, but the writing on the wall appears very clear: Android’s days appear to be numbered at Google.”

Read the entire AppleInsider article here:  [Link].



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