A Crack in the PRISM

There is big news today in the ongoing story of how the US government has been vaccumming up as much internet information as it can stuff into its hard drives.  The secret FISA court has ruled in favor of Yahoo’s motion to lift the veil of secrecy on its fight to avoid becoming a tool of the NSA in its PRISM initiative – which was a fight by Yahoo against turning over information about and belonging to its users.

The original case was in 2008, and because it was in the FISA court, Yahoo has not even been able to admit that the case existed – much less reveal the arguments of the US government and of Yahoo or the outcome of the case.  Perhaps those “details” might become more clear once the government’s declassification review is completed and documents released.  Even better would be if other technology companies would follow suit and similarly request declassification of their interactions with the NSA regarding PRISM.

An excellent article on the subject by CBS News is here: [Link].


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