New Apple TV Software Coming

In my home, we love Apple TV.  We have one of the wonderful little boxes on every TV set in the house, and use Apple TV to manage almost all of the video watching for the family (other than live sports).  We have an extensive collection of digital movies and old TV shows on our iTunes server, which each TV accesses via Apple TV.  Now that the new cable boxes are finally allowing video export, I regularly record TV on the cable box and export it to the Apple TV just to be able to use the significantly easier user interface to find and watch TV.

Recent Macs and iPads  can mirror their display to the Apple TV, which is a fantastic way to view media streaming on the internet on a large-screen TV.  I regularly do this to watch C-SPAN internet-only hearings.

Today, has an interesting story about new capabilities in a beta version of Apple TV’s operating system version 5.4.  For consumers, iTunes Radio (announced last week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) will stream to Apple TV, which will be a great way to fill the house with music over our best sound systems.  For companies, Apple TV will add a “conference room” screen, where a company can display its logo and directions on how to display presentation slides on the large-screen display in the conference room.

Here is a link to the full article:  [link].


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