We will miss you, Steve

Once, giants roamed the earth. They dreamed the future, and then made it come to pass. Steve Jobs was one such giant.

My brother reminded me today that while Steve was roaming in the wilderness known as Next Computer, he visited Wolfram. He was so impressed that he decided to ship a free copy of Mathmatica with every NeXT machine sold in the academic program (which already was selling machines for half the list price). That program changed how my brother viewed math forever. He went back to school (to Harvard) and got an advanced degree in Math, and has been a teacher of Math ever since – touching the lives of untold students through the years.

That was Steve Jobs – changing the world directly and indirectly in so many ways.

The change engine that is Apple will continue operating on momentum for a while. The team that Steve build is strong and they have been taught well. We will see if they can have the impact on another industry like those that Steve has created or recreated.

Personal Computing – the Apple ][ and the Mac

Music – the iPod, iTunes, digital music sales

Telephony – the iPhone

Animated films – Pixar

Personal Computing – the iPad

We had considered Steve to be an immortal. Now we know that he was merely a giant. Those of us that follow him now must dedicate ourselves to apply what we have learned by watching him work and live.

Today we lost a giant.

Steve Jobs  1955 – 2011



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