The Obama Space Vision for NASA: Massive Paradigm Shifts Ahead

Today is February 1.  That is the day each year that the President’s budget for the federal government is delivered to Congress.  Thus, it is the moment at which the plans – the real plans with money to be spent – are actually known.

The budget for NASA shows some shocking decisions.  The overall plan that NASA had been following, to retire the Space Shuttle and develop the next-generation Constellation spacecraft, comprised of the Ares I and Ares V launchers and the Orion crew capsule, is being tossed into the dustbin.

Yes, the Space Shuttle will still be retired.  There are only five flights left on the schedule – including a launch of Endeavour coming up this Sunday, February 7.  But Constellation is dead – and something new and better is supposed to be invented instead.

The new plan is to find and use private sector creativity.  Brilliant!   And it is also exactly what Red Planet Capital was created to do.

Great coverage over at and also at  The budget overview is available here, and the details are here.  You can also get a copy of Administrator Charlie Bolden’s statement on the budget here.


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