Some days, everyone is an American

Yesterday was election day.  The United States elected a black man as its president.  If you are a minority (which I am not) or if you grew up in the deep south (which I did), the importance of this fact is inescapable.  I hope that the importance is inescapable for everyone else, also.

I received several emails from friends around the world – Israel, France, UK, Japan, Australia – and every one of them expressed pride in what the voting public in America did yesterday.  The election of Mr. Obama was, at least for one day, a transcendent event.  It was an event that showed that mankind can rise up above a horrible past and strive for a better future.

I am not some starry-eyed Pollyanna.  I do not expect the stupidity that is transacted every day in the name of politics to suddenly end.  But I do treasure this day.  I hope I will be able to remember it when good men and women are vilifying one another again in the name of political expediency.


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