Is that all there is?

In case you missed it, Apple had a special event yesterday.  As usual, the blogs were full of speculation heading into the event, and several journalists even said that they had been called by Apple’s PR department and told that this event would be a “big deal.”

I watched the playback for the event last night.  It seemed to me that the event was paced, and was growing toward a climax, only to simply end.  Like the Peggy Lee song from the 60s, I wondered “Is that all there is?”  

Today, I have thought more about it.  First, I have come to the conclusion that the primary reason for yesterday’s event was having an event – putting Steve Jobs on the stage and showing the world that he is neither dead (as erroneously reported by Bloomberg last week) nor infirm (as questions about his health continued to swirl).

Second, I have wondered more and more about whether there was a “one more thing” that had originally been planned for the event, and was cancelled at the last minute.  After the problems associated with the rollout of MobileMe on the same day as the launch of the iPhone 3G and new iPhone operating system, Jobs said that the company had launched MobileMe too early and that it was not up to Apple standards.  I presume that anything not absolutely bulletproof would be off limits for the first “Steve-note” after that stumble.

So, how might Apple have handled the event differently.  How might Apple have avoided the stories appearing today about how the event was nothing special?  How about this – Jobs ends the event by saying “We had planned to share one more thing with you today.  Unfortunately, we discovered a few days ago that it needs a little more time in the oven before it meets the standards that we set for any product that carries the Apple name.  So, we are not going to be showing it to you today.  We will wait for another day to share that product, and we hope to see you all soon.  Thanks for coming!”

That is a way to whet an appetite for the next event!


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