I’m worried about Applelot

One of my favorite on-line communities is Applelot.  It has been a vibrant community of investors in Apple Inc. stock, and has moved from virtual location to virtual location in an attempt to find the best home.  The current location is the Apple Sanity board at investorvillage.com, which is a private board.  I have loved that community for its intelligence, wit and the level of caring that members have developed for one another.  The analysis of Apple (the company) and AAPL (the stock) are as good as, and often better than, any analysis offered by professional stock analysts employed by investment banks or brokerages.  Over time, the community has also enjoyed discussions about many non-investing fun topics, especially in the hours when markets are closed.

If you are not a member of Sanity, you can see some examples of the analysis offered on the board at a site I maintain, the Best of Applelot.  That site also provides instructions on how to join Apple Sanity if you would like to do so.

Unfortunately, during the past few days some members of the community have veered away from the investing an generally fun topics of discussion into politics.  Even though the community is moderated, the entire community must decide whether it wants to remain an island of civil discourse about enjoyable topics, or whether it is willing to devolve into yet another cesspool of flame wars.

I hope, but I also worry.


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