Are you looking for Applelot?

Hello.  Welcome to the TechStock2000 Weblog.

TechStock2000 is the handle that I use on the internet board used by a group of investors who share ideas about Apple Inc. and its stock, AAPL.  That board is known as AAPL Sanity (the Sane Apple Stock Board).  Due to issues that have arisen in the past, AAPL Sanity is a private board, but the best posts from AAPL Sanity are republished on the Best of Applelot, which I maintain.  That site is open to the public (and also provides instructions to get you on the path to membership in AAPL Sanity).

I had to create this blog to get a WordPress API key to configure  But don’t waste your time here.  Head on over to the Best of Applelot.


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